Volunteer with us

We are happy to welcome volunteers back to California Hospital Medical Center!

Volunteers deliver meals, play piano, and work in the gift shop

A volunteer is someone who sees a need and does something about it. Volunteers may choose to spend time in a patient care area of the hospital or be a part of activities behind-the-scene.

What can you do with an hour of your time?


Creative Compassion

Share your artistic or musical gift with another.

Patient Visitation

If you can simply share your time and your spirit in a quiet moment with a person in need, we have a place for you.

NICU Cuddler

Be the loving arms that embrace and comfort a new baby.

Meal Mates

Practice your social skills in a clinical setting by helping patients with their meals.

Pet Therapy

Be the moment our patients remember! Whether you can share time once a week or once a month, we open our arms and hearts to certified teams.

Gift Shop

Share a smile! Decorate! Display! Make a sale! All in support of California Hospital Medical Center.

Information Desk

Be the welcoming face of California Hospital Medical Center.

Clerical Opportunities

Not comfortable in the hospital setting but still want to share your time? We can use your office skills in administrative support departments.

Special Events

For those that don't have a lot of time but want to get involved, our Golf Tournament, 5K Race, black-tie gala, and other special events can always use a helping hand.

Hope Street Margolis Family Center

Mentor a child at our youth center.

* Volunteer service in our hospital does not include the performance of duties provided by a licensed health professional or paid employee position. Certifications held cannot be used during your volunteer service. No previous experience is required to become a volunteer, nor is volunteering intended to lead to employment.