Giving Impact: Over $21 million annually

Gifts to CHMC Foundation have helped construct buildings, enhance programs, purchase new medical equipment, fund scholarships, support community healthcare programs, and many other worthy efforts. The lives of Los Angeles County residents are enriched today thanks to the generosity of our many donors. Below is a list of previously funded projects, programs, and equipment the foundation has supported based on the generosity of our donors.

*Please note that this list is just a sampling and is in no way comprehensive.

Garrett South, Director of Patient Experience at CHMC, standing with the Mobile Phone Charging Carts

Wide shot of the da Vinci XI robot

CHMC caregivers with VRI iPads

Mobile Phone Charging Carts

Thanks to donor support, CHMC dispatched Mobile Phone Charging Carts across inpatient and outpatient areas—providing a convenient way for everyone to keep their phones charged, making the experience less stressful and more comfortable during their time at the hospital. 

Da Vinci XI robotic surgery

Surgeons at CHMC are now using da Vinci XI robotic surgery to provide minimally invasive procedures on complex diagnoses such as gynecologic and urologic cancers. The robot was procured thanks in part to donor support. 

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) iPads

As one of the most linguistically diverse hospitals within CommonSpirit Health, two out of every three patients at CHMC prefer to speak a language other than English. With the help of philanthropy, CHMC Foundation subsidized Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) devices that offer over 100 languages at the touch of a button, 24/7. The iPads complement existing in-person and
telephonic interpreter services.

Auto Pulse Resuscitation System

Proceeds from the 2019 La Grande Affaire Fund-a-Need went to purchase four AutoPulse Resuscitation Systems for use in our Emergency and Intensive Care departments. Watch this video from our CHMC nurses explaining how helpful this new equipment is, especially during COVID-19.

Four nurses stand around a patient bed and new DASH monitors

Caring for a patient

Portable Monitors

Generous donations received for our pandemic response efforts are continuing to support California Hospital Medical Center’s most urgent needs as they arise. The hospital recently used donated funds to purchase portable monitors to customize a six-bed unit in our Tibbitts Tower. These beds are expanding our capacity to care for patients who need close monitoring yet are a step down from intensive care. 




FEES Scope

The Speech department started the FEES program in 2017. FEES allows Speech Pathologists to perform advanced swallowing exams, as well as evaluate the vocal cords and larynx. In the short time we have been doing FEES, our volumes more than doubled from 2017 to 2018. It is a wonderful and cost effective alternative to performing Barium swallow examinations in the Radiology department because it keeps a patient from being transported, provides more data,  and does not require the radiologist, technician, or additional room. 


Nurse in mask

Constellation Vitrectomy Machine

This machine is used in retinal surgery and is vital to excellent and quality patient care.

Women's Health

Ultrasound for the LA Center for Women's Health

We currently have the staffing and the room to accommodate a secondary ultrasound unit which allows us to double the number of patients that we are currently seeing, thus greatly improving physician and patient satisfaction. In addition, new technology, now available, allows us to not only offer better quality scans, but additional types of ultrasound studies as well, thus broadening our scope of service to the community. 

Heart monitor

MRI-Safe Monitor

The MRI environment has very specific equipment needs. All equipment brought into the MRI suite needs to be specifically made to work in this unique environment. This monitor will allow us to continue to monitor patients heart rate/rhythm, pulse ox, and blood pressure while they are receiving an MRI.


Three Microscope Cameras-Pathology

The new cameras enable photographic documentation of pathologic findings, particularly tumors, for conferences, research, publication, and for medical reports.

Infant Warmers

The hospital's infant warmers for the Labor & Delivery Department were more than 20 years old and no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Generous funding donated through the foundation has provided new infant warmers giving gentle, life-saving heat to newborns experiencing respiratory distress or other critical conditions.

Cardiac Cath Lab Electrophysiology Equipment

Electrophysiology, the study of electrical activity in the heart, is a robust specialty within the Cardiac Service Line and through your generous donations, the CHMC Foundation was able to purchase an upgraded technology for the Cath Lab. Offering the latest technology to the electrophysiologists who work here shows a commitment to the program, and offers a less expensive catheter treatment option for patients with heart rhythm disturbances. 

Mobile Imaging Equipment

The hospital can be a scary place for anyone, especially kids.

Generous funding donated through the foundation has provided new kid-friendly mobile imaging equipment, making their stay here less intimidating.

Pico-Union Family Preservation Program

Generous funding has helped support this program designed to protect children by strengthening and preserving families whose children are at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

New Surgical Cameras for Gynecological or Urological Disorders

Through the generosity of donors like you, the CHMC Foundation was able to fund new surgical cameras that connect to telescopes allowing for the visualization of the bladder or uterus, fixing a delay in surgeries because of a limited amount of cameras. Now, with more cameras, there is the efficient and timely delivery of patient care, and consecutive surgeries requiring this equipment can be scheduled.

Hospital Renovations

Research has shown that a modern, relaxing, and calming environment can aid in the healing process. Donor funds have allowed us to renovate some of our patient care and staff spaces, like the 9th floor, and the physician's lounge, pictured here.