Giving Impact: Over $21 million annually

Gifts to CHMC Foundation have helped construct buildings, enhance programs, purchase new medical equipment, fund scholarships, support community healthcare programs and many other worthy efforts. The lives of Los Angeles County residents are enriched today thanks to the generosity of our many donors. 



Infant Warmers

The hospital's infant warmers for the Labor & Delivery department were more than 20 years old and no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Generous funding donated through the foundation has provided new infant warmers giving gentle, life-saving heat to newborns experiencing respiratory distress or other critical conditions.


Cardiac Cath Lab Electrophysiology Equipment

Electrophysiology, the study of electrical activity in the heart, is a robust specialty within the Cardiac Service Line and through your generous donations, the CHMC Foundation was able to purchase an upgraded technology for the Cath Lab. Offering the latest technology to the electrophysiologists who work here shows a commitment to the program, and offers a less expensive catheter treatment option for patients with heart rhythm disturbances. 


Mobile Imaging Equipment

The hospital can be a scary place for anyone, especially kids.

Generous funding donated through the foundation has provided new kid-friendly mobile imaging equipment, making their stay here less intimidating.


Pico-Union Family Preservation Program

Generous funding has helped support this program designed to protect children by strengthening and preserving families whose children are at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


New Surgical Cameras for Gynecological or Urological Disorders

Through the generosity of donors like you, the CHMC Foundation was able to fund new surgical cameras that connect to telescopes allowing for the visualization of the bladder or uterus, fixing a delay in surgeries because of a limited amount of cameras. Now, with more cameras, there is the efficient and timely delivery of patient care, and consecutive surgeries requiring this equipment can be scheduled.


Hospital Renovations

Research has shown that a modern, relaxing, and calming environment can aid in the healing process. Donor funds have allowed us to renovate some of our patient care and staff spaces, like the 9th floor, and the physician's lounge, pictured here.