Grateful Patients








Glenn Laird

Glenn came to California Hospital Medical Center following a routine motor vehicle collision but things quickly took a drastic turn:

“I started out as a routine traffic accident victim, but soon I began to crash. My brother and his wife gathered at my side to say their goodbyes. But before I lost consciousness, I was asked a simple question: Do you want to live? I responded, yes.

One doctor became an orchestra leader. He summoned all of the various professionals that a trauma center could muster and then the magic began as everything possible was done to bring me back from the brink of death. Through the technology and skills of a well-trained team, I made it and awoke four days later to realize that I had just been given the gift of continued life. For that, you can never understand the depth of my gratitude.”



Catherine Round

Six years ago, Catherine Round, a premier ballet dancer and teacher, was in a very serious car accident. Our staff took great care of her and got Catherine back on her feet, dancing and teaching again. For several years, Catherine put on a benefit dance performance so California Hospital can help others, just as we helped her. Watch her story






Ryan Gerber

Ryan Gerber, a downtown Los Angeles resident in his 30s, felt chest pains while at the gym just a few blocks from California Hospital Medical Center. He searched for “emergency room” on his smart phone and came to our hospital. It turned out that he had a serious heart condition called an aortic dissection and an aneurysm. There is a very small window of time in which you can treat this condition before it is fatal. Mr. Gerber is grateful for the doctors and nurses who saved his life that day and to California Hospital for being his community hospital.

“The nurses, doctors, and staff were all pretty awesome. They really looked after me and my mom, who was there for almost the entire time. Amazing people like Nurse Practitioner Elena Rossman treated us like family and really took care of me at my weakest, when I couldn’t even take care of myself. They’re good people and I really am indebted to them for the rest of my fortunate life. Did I mention how awesome they are?”

—Grateful Patient Ryan Gerber



Officer Nelson Fong

Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team Officer Nelson Fong was shot in the line of duty and rushed to the  California Hospital Trauma Center where the medical team was able to save his critically injured leg. Due in part to the medical attention he received at California Hospital, he made a remarkable recovery and set a personal goal to finish our Heart of the City 5K race. Nearly six months later, Officer Fong was the honorary starter to the race and reached his goal by crossing the finish line.