In-Kind Donations: Wish List

There are many tangible needs for the patients and families that visit our hospital, and many ways to give to address those needs. View our wish list below and considering hosting a donation drive to partner with us today.

  • Clothing of all sizes, but especially larger sizes: Often our patients need clothes to go-home in

  • Gently worn tennis shoes: We gladly treat patients without homes, and prefer to discharge them with shoes to help keep them safe
  • Warm coats and jackets, especially larger sizes: A warm jacket can help keep someone healthy, especially those who live on the streets or in shelters. 
  • Un-used travel size toiletries  (i.e. shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, lotion, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Magazines: Patients and family members can get bored while in the hospital, we like to provide them with plenty of magazine options to help pass the time away. Spanish language magazines are especially appreciated.
  • Toys (new), crayons, and coloring books: The hospital can be a scary place for a child. Having a supply of toys for our pediatrics patients can help calm their nerves and make them feel special while admitted to the hospital.

    To make an appointment to drop of your item donation (Monday- Friday, 7am-5:30pm), please contact Volunteer Services at 213-742-6045 or